How I work

I provide a safe, secure space for my clients to think, process and reflect. This means that issues & their root causes can be explored, unpacked and resolved over time.

I believe effective Therapy is about client & practitioner going on a journey together. Stages of this journey include:



To start with it is important to build a trust-based relationship. You will get used to talking about yourself in the open and safe environment provided. You will be empowered to access your feelings and thoughts in a way that will help you understand you and your relation to others from a new perspective. During sessions, you can practice new ways of being that reflect your authentic feelings, needs and aspirations.


During a hypnotherapy session suggestions are provided that help reprogram the mind’s thought process and behaviour. Your relaxed state during hypnosis allows for these suggestions to travel directly to your subconscious. There with the absence of your conscious critical mind these positive suggestions can become a new belief or change a particular behaviour for the better. Neuro Linguistic Programming in sessions offers a way of unlearning and relearning for better.